"There were echoes of other wars too: Giuseppe Bartoli, reading as part of the Poetry Scotland Showcase, brought us memories of the civil war in Peru: car bombs exploding at night, bodies of the dead at the roadside wrapped in newspaper; thousands of “disappeared” who have never been found."


"Poetry about the most ordinary things: when children’s Lego rhymes with ammo, keeping moving is the precondition for making a home, and blood relatives have blood on their hands, Giuseppe Bartoli still finds love in Paris, voices to unwrap from the fishy inadequacy of newspapers, and the darkest of humor in the situations least brought to light. Do not expect the select and self- edited anecdote. Here the personal and political partner-dance on the tilting ground of recent history. "


"Beppe Bartoli is an extraordinary poet, with an almost-unbelievable back story and series of linguistic and cultural identities, all of which he plays with in a poetic manner reminiscent of Pesoa, Borges, Muldoon and, sometimes, his Scottish master Douglas Dunn. In this thrilling collection, which reads at times like a True Crime paperback, we trace his life as a child on the run with his father, a white collar criminal at one time on the FBI’s top ten most wanted list; experience life under bodyguard protection in a Peru torn apart by internal conflict and terrorism; and slowly see him grow to seek a life, and sense of forgiveness, despite all the wounds he received in the years of volatile exile and constant peril. These are lyrically sophisticated, smart, and often darkly comic poems of assured brilliance."


"El verso se escribe con amor y dulzura, un encuentro de placer y caricias que se embarcan en una aventura. Este nuevo poemario desea abrazar al lector con sus líneas, tejiendo y anudando el amor en cada intimidad."